Coconut Oil

  1. 100% Raw Cold Pressed Coconut oil
  2. Cold pressed oil  also known as “Chekku” oil
  3. No Chemicals

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

A Healthy Way of Living

Coconut oil might hold a humble position in your kitchens and lives, but it is one of those food items which actually needs to be in the spotlight. Often tucked away in the corner of kitchen shelves, overshadowed by better-commercialized oils, the goodness of coconut shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Because it can enrich different areas of your life from beauty to health to taste. You can count on it to put off wrinkles, to get better marks on a test or simply enjoy a healthier heart. There have been over 1,000 studies which prove this oil as one of the healthiest foods on Earth. Coconut oil, in most part, is made up of healthy fatty acids called MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These fatty acids, unlike other fats, get easily converted into body fuels. They are also easier to digest and not stored as fats readily. It is also a powerhouse of energy and does a lot more.


Health Benefits

  • For a Stronger Heart
  • For Treating Kidney Infections
  • For Disease Protection
  • For Improving Brain Function and Memory
  • For Weight loss!!!
  • For Spotting the Pearly Whites


Beauty Benefits

Beauty is skin deep, true, but the presentation is everything. The oil’s effects on your skin, hair and your make-up are simply brilliant.

  • For Flaunting Thick Shiny Locks
  • For Bidding Goodbye to Sun Tanning
  • To Have the Frugal Make-up Removal Option
  • To Smooth Your Way to a Soft Moisturized Skin
  • For Deferring Skin Ageing
  • For Preventing Wrinkles


Medicinal Uses

  • For an Effective Home-Made Sun Tan Lotion
  • A Healing Agent
  • Bye Bye Constipation
  • For Removal of Dandruff


Cooking Benefits

Coconut is one of the few oils that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down. So it makes for an ideal cooking oil.

  • For Enjoying a Delicious Toast
  • As a Coffee Creamer
  • A Wonderful Popcorn Topping
  • For Adding the Extra Flavor to Your Fish